Monday, April 4, 2011

Lilly's Song from my Current WIP

This is Liam of Liam and the Poets.  He is sitting on the stage singing only to Lilly, a song he wrote for her, for her birthday.  She says words have lost their meaning because everyone leaves her, mothers, fathers, brothers, people that make promises, they'll never leave her, always protect her, never hurt her, always love her.  Words don't mean anything at all because they break their promises, they leave without goodbyes, break her heart and leave her empty and alone wondering what she did wrong.  Liam wants to say "I love you" but they're just words to her.  So he says, "This song is for Lilly.  I know she doesn't believe in words, but I hope when they're sung to her, they'll mean a little more to her.  She'll understand the difference between words and songs and I hope she'll believe them.  Happy Birthday, Lilly."

                                                                        Lilly's Song

                                                      Sunflower yellow, midnight skies,
                                                      Whisper soft wind, tells no lies.
                                                    Wildflower picking, swimming, fishing
                                                    Summer nights full of falling star wishing,
                                                       That Lilly would give a sign,
                                                        She's wanting to be mine. 
                                                   Days of band practice, guitar riffs
                                                   Lemonade smiles, shady picnics
                                                      Back to those eyes those heart shaped lips
                                                   Lilly won't you give me a kiss?
                                                     Your smile, your laugh, your shining eyes,
                                                   I'd be yours, I'd tell you no lies.
                                                       If you'd give me a sign you want me too,
                                                  Lilly how long I've been waitin' for you.
                                                       Summer is past, turned to fall,
                                                  You have my heart, I've given it all.
                                                       To Lilly with your eyes so blue
                                                    Lilly I'm in love with you.
                                                      Take my heart you have it all,
                                                        The only thing I ask is very small.
                                                         Give me a sign you want me too,
                                                      Lilly how long I've been waiting for you,
                                                    I don't ask for much just one small kiss,
                                                        It's all I want, It's all I wish.
                                                        Lilly with your eyes so blue
                                                        Lilly I'm in love with you!

In case you're wondering, Lilly is spellbound and Liam gets his kiss. And no, I don't have any tune in mind because the only thing I play is a piano, but I have no access to a piano.  And Liam plays guitar.

Okay, not that you'd want to, but you may not beg, borrow, steal, reprint or use in any form any where else.  Please.  Read the disclaimer.  It tells you what I'll do if you do!

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