Saturday, December 3, 2011

Save You

Save You

You were so tiny and small when you were born
needy and hungry, my skin felt warm
when you lay against my skin and breathed.

But underneath that beautiful skin and those eyes
lay an evil so vile that took me by such surprise
I'd have spared you this evil to you I bequeathed

But I didn't know of my own disease before you came
I  would have saved you if I had known the game
The rollercoaster ride of life you'd have to ride.

But I was just starting my own scary ride and had
no idea that you would have your own bad
time that your up and down tide

Would be so forceful, that you wanted to die.
Now, I need to save you and I'm helpless, I cry
Knowing how you feel, I feel it too

But I stay because I have to save you.
I'm afraid for you.  Life will be hard, too, 
For you and I don't know how to make it easy for you.

I don't know how to save you from your sorrow.
I don't know how to save you from what you borrow
From my genes.  That ugly disease that makes you 

Wish you'd never been born. That makes you want to die
At such a young age, you feel such deep darkness and lie
In that black hole.  I can't save you, but I'll lie there with you,

Like I did when you were born, lying on my skin,
breathing your labored breaths warm, breathe in,
breathe out.  I'll always be there with you.  I need to save you.

You got this from me, I got this from them but I didn't know
I didn't know.  And I'm sorry because it didn't show
Until after you were born.  I have to save you.

I'm your mother, you're my baby, you always will be,
I'm sad for you. Life will be hard.  And all I see
Is that baby in my arms. I will save you.


  1. Blinking back tears.

  2. It's a crap poem as most of them are, but my 11 yr old wants to "curl up and die". He's locked deep in depression and the only way I know to keep him safe is to keep him with me. I can't lose him. I'll never make it in this world without him.

  3. It's not a crap poem, it is very touching and all to real in many peoples lives. I wish I knew a way to help you and him.I hope you have some sort of support.