Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do You Remember Me

Little girl, Little girl I remember you well in your soft pink dress and you black mary janes,
Do you remember me too, while you're stuck in the past running happily in your black mary janes.
The shoes are gone, the pink dress is tattered but I can't get you out of mind
I can't seem to grow up from that little girl blond hair eyes sparkled and shined.

I am still two, stunted in growth emotionally shattered by his hands
No one believes me, I hardly trust myself but where's the girl between two and ten?
She's up on the ceiling not looking down closing her eyes to the pain,
And even now as grown up as she is there is still guilt and shame.

I am less than you and you and you, because of what he did to me
My scars run deep inside of me that are wounds you cannot see.
If he'd sliced me open taken out my heart would you believe me then?
But then he's already taken so much from me  I wonder who I could have been?

Run little girl in your dress of pink, run around the maypole this day
Run and laugh and giggle with your friends may you never know what comes your way
May you never be scared to speak out against violence may fear never make you pay.
Run little girl in you pink dress and mary janes run, run, away.


  1. Some great images in this Heather. Its also very touching and sad. Thanks for your support in my new linky. I appreciate that you won't sign up every week - I know how busy you are with your review blog - and well, life ;D. It's bizarre that lots have answered the polls but few have turned up to this weeks? It's the first week though, and there are a few writing linkys to compete with. November will be slow too, what with NaNoWrimo; I'm all signed up and looking forward to that. I just found out I have hypothyroidism and chronic anemia. Explains a lot. Doc saw my test results and said she was surprised I managed to leave my bed. Been this way for years now. UK NHS is useless - all the blood test I had there didn't show up diddly squat! I'm furious. Untreated, hypothyroidism causes heart disease and can cause coma and death.

    Anyway - I'm moaning sorry ;D Thanks again. Shah. X

  2. Hi, I am finally getting a chance to read over all the Storyteller linkys. I enjoyed your poem very much and the movement from the past to the present and on what very interesting. It's a sadder approach than I took, but that is the beauty of prompt. Everyone interprets pictures differently.