Friday, September 23, 2011

When Sleep Eludes

When sleep eludes me and I'm alone with my mind
Weird thoughts go through it and I find
That it can be frightening to be alone
With myself.

Thoughts turn to things dark and dreary
Whirling through my mind and I'm weary
Of this constant cycle of a twirling cyclone
By myself.

No one else lays awake its just me
Me and my thoughts they won't let me be
They want me up creating some fantastic thing
Just myself.

The dogs slumber undisturbed by my wanderings
My husband snores unaware of my dangerous ponderings
And I start that cycle running in a magnificent ring
Around myself.

I cannot sleep, I cannot stop
My mind is alive, body ready to plop
I cannot shut down, I will drown

Words flit by before I can catch them
Paper is of no use, just another item
I will lose myself in when I put them down
Somewhere near myself.

Ideas pour in and out like water in a pitcher
Projects started, left for ideas much richer
Myself, myself, myself, Just myself, by myself,
Around myself, Somewhere near myself.


  1. I know the feeling - not a good feeling at all. You describe it well, though.

  2. Great emotion in this poem. I am an insomniac and often feel this way. I've over from Shah's hop this weekend. Hope to see you hop on by.


  3. This really captures the isolation of sleeplessness. Well done. Shah. X