Thursday, June 9, 2011

Red Headed Demon Weekend Creation Blog Hop

A red headed demon lives in my head
Taunting me telling me I'm better off dead
You're a burden to your family, that's what she said
That bitch of a demon and her hair colored red.

A red headed demon lives  near my home
Threatening my safety, I dare not roam
She's taken my freedom, I hate her, I cry I moan
That bitch of a demon with the red haired dome.

A burden, A burden it weighs heavy in me
Those days when the light is tough to see
And the blackness is all I know to be
A red headed demon lit the way for me

She weighed me down with that word so weighted
I feel it, hear it, taste it, wear it I'm sated
By Burden Burden it rings in my ears  belated
I remind myself  she is to be hated.

A red headed demon lives next to my house
I used to call friend now I call louse
She won't say sorry I won't be a mouse
May her hair catch on fire in her hate filled house.


  1. Great flow - liked the ryme scheme and the imagery. I totally understood the premise - been there so many times! Too many times - but thankfully not for a long time now. I found my peace - I hope you find yours sweetie - thank you for linking this up at

    And for your appreciation of Puppy Love! Have a great weekend - Shah X ;D

  2. Shah-She's actually a real person. Called me a "butden to my family" at one of my lowest points in my life. I think like most of us, I kept all my feeling inside, never unloaded on her, always let her unload on me and then out of nowhere came that. I was devestated and Burden still rings in my head on bad days. And she is a red head, not natural. We're moving back to the neighborhood she's in, so I'm trying to brace myself to face her.

  3. Love it, can feel the emotion coming right out at me.

  4. I agree - it's a great poem, full of raw emotion. It's too bad the poem's subject has decided to be a demon and not an angel. Sounds like a job for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  5. HA! HA! Where's a good Buffy when you need her?