Friday, February 11, 2011


I bet this little girl or is it a boy had dreams.  I wonder what they did to make, let's just say her, stand still long enough to get this picture?  How does the velvet feel under her tiny little fingers?  Is it bumpy where the designs are?  Is that why she seems to have moved her hand just above the swirl of the paisley so she's not touching it?  Is her collar starched so stiff that it makes her neck itch  and she's dying to rip it off?  What are they tempting her with?  Or are they threatening her?  That's not exactly an exuberant smile on her face.  It's more like a straight line curved neither up nor down.  Is she thinking about where she'd rather be right then?  Where?  Playing down the hall with her brothers?  Bouncing on the chair in her bare feet?  Or somewhere far away from the camera and the people trying to make her smile.  Somewhere that exists only in her mind.  Somewhere they cannot take from her.  Where her fingers do not rest on bumpy velvet.  Her starched collar does not itch and they do not threaten or cajole.  She is silent and alone and the smile she gives is to her self and it is genuine.  And she can dream.


  1. Really enjoyed this series of maybe's and questions. Illustrates what could be behind the picture, what is the child's story. Excellent insights. Thanks so much for supporting the hop this weekend, too. Shah. X

  2. I love old photos! That little girl is so lovely, but her expression seems guarded. I notice that people in the old photos usually don't smile as i that is a recent habit. Smile. Say "cheese". Then sometimes nostalgic comes. Remember those good old days?

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