Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekend Creation Blog Hop

This is a new blog hop started by Shah at  WordsinSync.  It is for Creative People.  Since I don't share my writing much, I wouldn't have considered myself for this, not even sure how she found me, but I'm happy to be invited and so here's my beginning post.

I'm hoping I got the button right.  I am so untechy.  Anyway, I'm Heather, better known for my book blog called Buried in Books.  Not many people know I have this blog.  I have it listed on my blog, but I think people just haven't figured it out, or don't care or whatever.  I kind of like it this way.  I am baring my soul here on these posts and I'm trying to get comfortable with it.  I have never shared my writing with anyone so that's why I called it One Toe in The Water.  This is me.  Not hiding.  I post when I feel like it.  So, I hope to help Shah with her new blog hop.  I do have bipolar disorder and January is a brutal month for me.  Especially living in the North East.  But it's almost over.  I know February will be better. 

Heather in Sandwich